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Established over 25 years
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Foot Pain

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Ingrown Toe Nails

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Laser Therapy

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Other Therapies

Treating a wide variety of foot problems

Looking after your feet is an important part of healthcare – yet is all too often neglected. But prevention is better than cure, and paying regular visits to a chiropodist will help ensure that your feet are kept in tip-top condition. Our experts can treat existing problems and identify others before they arise. We’re available at times to suit your needs – our clinic is open from 8am and we also have evening and Saturday surgeries. We have been established for over 25 years and are registered with the Health Professional Council, so you can be confident you’re in the right hands. Our premises offer disabled access with just one step, and convenient parking.

Our chiropody services cover a wide range of foot problems, from simple issues such as corns and ingrown toe nails. Corns can be caused in a variety of ways including wearing badly-fitting shoes, which can be also very uncomfortable. Verrucas can sometimes be treated using home remedies, but clinics have access to better and more effective treatments. Patients like diabetics should be especially careful.

Perhaps your problem is caused by poor posture or the way you walk. No problem! Our low level laser therapy clinic is there to help. We will correct any issues caused by posture, and give your feet the support they need. Are you suffering foot pain thanks to poorly-fitting shoes, weight issues, or just general wear and tear on your feet? It will soon be a thing of the past. We also offer a range of other beneficial treatments, such as reflexology (which is more than just a simple foot massage) and warm wax treatment.

So pay us a visit – we’ll give your feet a full examination and treat any foot problems before they get out of hand (or foot). We are experienced in treating a wide variety of foot issues, and can also give you advice on preventing any problems from arising in the first place. Your foot health is important to us, so make it equally important for you by taking advantage of our expert chiropody services.

A brief History About Us

The history of this practice dates back to circa 1949/50, almost 60 years, making this the oldest established chiropody practice in Newton Abbot.

After completing a three year Diploma with the School of Surgical Chiropody in 1979, Richard joined in practice with Mr Harold Sturgess in Dawlish and Brixham, going on to open further surgeries in Newton Abbot, Totnes and Torquay. A further practice was opened in partnership with Mr George Full in Exeter but sadly with the sudden death of George Full at the age of 46, Richard decided to sell the Exeter surgery as a going concern.

Sadly Harold Sturgess was diagnosed with cancer in his sixties, resulting in the sale of the Dawlish and Brixham practices. Richard Holland then tried to cover Newton Abbot, Torquay and Totnes until 1992 when this proved too much and Totnes & Torquay were sold off as going concerns, enabling Richard Holland to concentrate his resources into the Newton Abbot practice.

Richard Holland had bought the Newton Abbot practice in 1980 from Miss M Moors at it’s original site by the Cattle Market gates at No.8 Highweek Street. Molly Moors had been in practice there for 30 years and Richard Holland continued there for a further six years until, due to the imminent demolition of the premises necessary for the proposed Halcyon Road widening scheme, the practice was moved to No.37 Devon Square where it remains today.

Since the year 2000 there have been many modern additions to the surgery so that some of the very latest technologies, such as ultrasound and low level laser therapy, can be offered to patients alongside traditional treatments.

We look forward to seeing you and your feet!

What our clients have said

  • “After suffering for 10 years with verrucas and nobody able to help me, I went to see Richard who following 6 months of treatment has finally rid me of the dreaded verruca curse. Thank you Richard!”

  • “Professional,friendly caring service. Effective verruca treatment by a chiropodist who understands the misery of persistent pain caused by a verruca on the ball of the foot.”

    AngeB Lyme Regis
  • “Professional, friendly, caring service. Effective treatment of very painful verruca by a chiropodist who understands the misery caused by persistent pain on the sole of the foot.”

    Sara Newton Abbot