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Our feet are incredibly hard-working and carry our weight around all day, every day. So it’s very important to give them the proper care they deserve and need, which is why you should come to our practice for foot care in Newton Abbot. It’s not just a question of pampering them; feet can develop a number of diverse problems and conditions if not cared for properly. So instead of taking your feet for granted, ensure that they are supported in their hard work by rewarding them with regular foot care.

Our services should be seen as an important part of our regular healthcare programme, just like having an eye test or dental check up. Preventative healthcare is always better than treating problems once they arise; your foot health practitioner can pick up on a number of different foot problems and deal with them before they become chronic. In fact, you’d be surprised just how many issues can affect the feet, so doesn’t it make sense to keep a regular eye on them?

Foot problems are often seen as something that only affects the elderly. Not true. Anyone of any age can benefit from using foot care services. One group who must be particularly aware of foot problems is diabetics. But anyone can be affected by foot issues, which can be caused by ill-fitting shoes, excess weight, health problems, exercise, and many other factors. Our specialists can identify problems before they get worse, and treat issues that have already occurred. These trained professionals know exactly what your feet need to keep them healthy and help them do the important job of supporting your body.

So entrust your foot care to the experts and make regular visits to our team as part of your healthcare regime. There’s no need to suffer miserable foot problems that make it difficult to go about your day to day life and do all the things you need to do. It’s a worthwhile investment that will pay off by allowing you to enjoy excellent foot health and avoid problems that could otherwise be prevented. Don’t take your feet for granted – take the expert advice of an experienced foot health practitioner and treat your feet with the respect they deserve! Try our foot care in Newton Abbot today and see how we can help you and your feet.

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What our clients have said

  • “After suffering for 10 years with verrucas and nobody able to help me, I went to see Richard who following 6 months of treatment has finally rid me of the dreaded verruca curse. Thank you Richard!”

  • “Professional,friendly caring service. Effective verruca treatment by a chiropodist who understands the misery of persistent pain caused by a verruca on the ball of the foot.”

    AngeB Lyme Regis
  • “Professional, friendly, caring service. Effective treatment of very painful verruca by a chiropodist who understands the misery caused by persistent pain on the sole of the foot.”

    Sara Newton Abbot