Foot Pain Treatment Newton Abbot

Foot pain treatment Newton Abbot is an important medical intervention for many people, helping them to get to the source of and resolve any painful ailments concerning their feet. We sometimes take for granted the importance of healthy feet, by when we start to feel discomfort it can affect our daily lives dramatically. Our feet bear the full force of our weight, whether we’re running, jumping or simply walking, and when something doesn’t feel right it’s that much more noticeable than for other areas of the body.

Because the feet are a complicated construction, the foot pain treatment options offered at Roald Holland The Foot Man must cover all the bases. Your feet are made up of 26 bones, connected together by 33 joints and many more ligaments, muscles and nerves, the latter of which send the signals to your brain to tell you something isn’t right. Seeking treatment for problems with your feet will help you to eliminate the pain and prevent things from worsening.

We have the ability, equipment and expertise to offer modern and traditional solutions for feet pain. Laser treatment is one type of therapy the Newton Abbot practice utilises for certain conditions. This involves directing a Low Level Laser towards the area of discomfort, helping to alleviate issues such as verrucas and ulcers, muscle pain and any other source of discomfort that hasn’t been resolved using normal procedures. The traditional treatments are also available for curing a variety of foot pain problems including ingrown toenails, infections and metatarsalgia (discomfort in the sole of the foot)

Whether you’re experiencing a common problem or an unusual one, the foot pain treatment offered at our clinic will provide welcome relief and a gateway back to a pain-free existence. Thanks to qualified foot specialists this practice offers a safe and respected service for treating your foot pain, utilising the latest technology in diagnostics and treatment. Book an appointment today for foot pain treatment Newton Abbot by calling the practice using the number on the contact page.

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What our clients have said

  • “After suffering for 10 years with verrucas and nobody able to help me, I went to see Richard who following 6 months of treatment has finally rid me of the dreaded verruca curse. Thank you Richard!”

  • “Professional,friendly caring service. Effective verruca treatment by a chiropodist who understands the misery of persistent pain caused by a verruca on the ball of the foot.”

    AngeB Lyme Regis
  • “Professional, friendly, caring service. Effective treatment of very painful verruca by a chiropodist who understands the misery caused by persistent pain on the sole of the foot.”

    Sara Newton Abbot