Other Foot Therapies

Some of our other therapies

Custom Orthotics

Unlike standard arch supports, orthotics are tailor-made to the shape of your foot. Made from a unique polymer composite material, custom orthotics are not only lightweight, durable and flexible, they also maintain their shape. Often, through injury or by wearing ill-fitting footwear, feet lose their natural positioning, this leads to much discomfort. Custom orthotics reposition the foot into its natural step and eliminates pain by rebuilding its natural movement.

Nail Re-Construction

Modern cosmetic toe nail correction

Our feet carry us all of our lives, day in day out, patiently and dutifully. They have to tolerate every day stress, like standing too long at work, tight shoes, insufficient airing and too much moisture. Our feet deserve better.
Our feet want to be seen, well cared for and beautiful. Today nail diseases can be treated permanently and successfully with nail cosmetic treatments. This has become possible by the development of modern corrective materials. The modern foot care product WILDE-PEDIQUE plus is especially effective for the treatment in the studio of your individual problem

What does modern toe nail correction mean?

WILDE-PEDIQUE plus is a means to restore the toe nail partially or completely thus providing an attractive cosmetic result. The 1-phase resin is a light curing synthetic resin which is cured in a light unit. WILDE-PEDIQUE plus is an elastic gel which adjusts to the movements of the nails and feet. Thus the artificial nail feels completely natural, since it fits perfectly to the natural nail. Your WILDE-PEDIQUE plus specialist will determine the individual shade of resin according to disease and problem. Thus discolouring of the nail can be covered or the nail bed colour can be improved.

Your WILDE-PEDIQUE plus specialist also offers several sealing alternatives. Ask for the product SEALANT if you desire a high gloss finish. Several coloured sealants are also available

Don’t hesitate to ask your WILDE-PEDIQUE plus specialist.

WILDE-PEDIQUE plus combined with nail braces.
If you suffer from ingrown toe nails your specialist might recommend the use of a brace. WILDE-PEDIQUE plus ensures optimal sealing of braces. The surface is even, can be polished and does not have any bumps, which could damage Nylons.


WILDE-PEDIQUE plus used for subsequent treatments.
If there are no problems (pressure points, lifting or special diseases) the synthetic material grows out with the natural nail. Theoretically WILDE-PEDIQUE plus grows out with the natural nail within 10 months. In order to ensure a permanent and attractive result, WILDE-PEDIQUE plus should be refilled. Consult your specialist when the time is right for a follow-up appointment.

If you’re interested in any other therapies we’ve not mentioned, please let us know.

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Other Therapies

What our clients have said

  • “After suffering for 10 years with verrucas and nobody able to help me, I went to see Richard who following 6 months of treatment has finally rid me of the dreaded verruca curse. Thank you Richard!”

  • “Professional,friendly caring service. Effective verruca treatment by a chiropodist who understands the misery of persistent pain caused by a verruca on the ball of the foot.”

    AngeB Lyme Regis
  • “Professional, friendly, caring service. Effective treatment of very painful verruca by a chiropodist who understands the misery caused by persistent pain on the sole of the foot.”

    Sara Newton Abbot